Bungy equipment

We only use best quality and fresh sprayed latex and process it contemporary to keep and fulfill our high quality promise at all times.

The used latex from the company HEVEAFIL oder RUBBERFLEX is examined by:
- ISO 9001
- Oeko-Tex Standard 100
- Substance of very high concern (svhc) Assessment Certificate (Certificate No 27257)

The material of each bungy cord is seperately examined by us, a sample is stored and documented.

Nur bestes Latex wird verarbeitet
Patentierte Sicherheit

In 1994 we have already patented the development of the overstretching protection and produce since then one of the worldwide most secure bungy cords.

We provide you with the original overstretching protection on the market. Furthermore we have improved the system over-and-over since 1994: There have been optimizations done in length, used material, process and individual customization at our clients needs or rather jumping facilities.

Equal manufacturing quality: Once satisfied, always staisfied! We minimize the tolerance of natural latex by most careful material choice.

Jährliche TÜV-Zertifizierung

We are working at TÜV SÜD since many years together with Mr. Volker Kron. Mr. Kron is germanys leading bungy expert and has worked on and is responsible for all relevant german TÜV reports on bungy jumping.

Annually we are confirmed and certified by TÜV SÜD for a flawless and steady manufacturing quality. This is done every year by Mr. Kron from TÜV SÜD with an inspection of our production facility and a positive certification afterwards.

We are always working with state-of-the-art technology and optimize our manufacturing process in close cooperation with TÜV SÜD to still get better with each bungy cord and year of business..

Jedes Seil ein Meisterstück!

- Founded 1989 in San Jose, Costa Rica (86 meter bridge)
- First TÜV certificate in 1991
- Development of overstretching protection with patent application and utility model in the year 1994
- Also in 1994 TÜV certificate for two types of bungy cords
- constant optimisation of the bungy cord production (Thanks to our clients for the exchange of ideas)
- Only professionells are working in our manufactory:  Acknowledged experts with 20 years of experience

Best materials, comprehensive documentation, strict incoming examination of all material, conscientious workmanship and unconditional quality assurance guaranty a bungy cord for highest demands!

Innovation und Erfahrung
Schnell und Serviceorientiert

We produce and deliver your cords at an unbeatable speed and uncomplicated to europe and if needed also worldwide.

If you are interested in our bungy cords, it would be a pleasure for us to come to your jumping facility, measure everything together with you and consult you personally and inform you appropriately. Of course everything and without any obligations and costs, we are looking forward for a personal appointment.

A close and constant contact to all our clients gave and gives us the possibilities to share our and their experiences and we let every aspect flow into the production of each new bungy cord.

Wir vertrauen auf TÜV Petzl Beal Edelweiss Heveafil Rubberflex